About Us

Why it's worth to choose Morris Scrap Metals?

Don’t let your scrap go to waste in landfill – sell it to us for cash!.

How we did it?

Established in 1966 Mr. & Mrs. Goldberg, which lead to the beginning of a great business endeavor. The first business establishment was located at 2005 Hackney St. and has grown to two locations: 5706 Old Spanish Trail and 6401 McGrew St.

Morris Scrap Metals buys and processes a wide range of metals both ferrous and non-ferrous, from a large range of sources, including but not limited to; the public, metal dealers, demolition firms, farmers and others who generate obsolete metal as well as manufacturers who generate industrial metal.

  • We accepts all kind of clean and dirty material
  • We analyze Metals, Weigh and Pay.
  • We purchase most types of material from public.
  • We do pick-up Service/Swap Boxes (all sizes).
  • We resell New and Used Surplus.
  • We sell sheet metals, electrical surplus,& more...
  • We take items via over the Road, Flatbed& Bobtail Trucks.